Firearm thrown onto motorway smashes into speeding car (PHOTOS) — RT US News

Washington state police have revealed a curious firearm recovery case in which a gun hastily disposed of on a highway became lodged in a passing car.

The incident occurred along Interstate 5, a busy highway which extends north from Washington to the US border with Canada.

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The bizarre episode was raised with police after a motorist spotted an unusual addition to the front of his Honda vehicle – a black handgun embedded in the bumper. The weapon appears to have either come from a highway overpass or another vehicle, with someone clearly hoping to dispose of the weapon.

According to state trooper Guy Gill, the driver of the silver Honda was travelling down Interstate 5 when he noticed a black projectile strike his vehicle. He thought nothing of the event until he stopped for gas 18 miles down the road and discovered the gun smashed and embedded in his car.

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“Driver saw a small ‘black object’ in the air while driving on I-5 and it struck the front of his car. He drove about 18 miles, stopped for gas, and found this. We recovered it and turned it over to Lakewood Police Department,” trooper Gill explained.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.