Fighting the Anti-Trump Bias One Word at a Time

Yes, Trump is correct, there is a definite bias against the Republican Party. It’s called quantifiable reality. When accurately reported, we call it “truth.” And when people are exposed to truth and tellers of truth, they tend to turn against Trump and his loyalists. Truth, it turns out, is biased. Those exposed to it often think differently, become different people, and as such, vote differently. Neither truth nor the realities it supports are balanced. For the Trump team, reality is a motherfucker and has to be suppressed at all costs.

An Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Journalists, when they do their jobs, report the truth. This puts the press part and parcel at the center of an anti-Trump conspiracy. By the very nature of their profession, they conspire to build on each other’s work, pick up where others leave off, and craft their reporting around growing bodies of evidence, growing like cancers on the dreams of fascists.

At the core of this truth-telling conspiracy are words. Without words journalists could not write or tell truths. We’ve already established that truth is biased. So where does this leave words? Words are the ultimate enablers that allow seditious truths to spread and, history has shown, topple empires of lies. Words are the real threat. Without them, there wouldn’t be language or journalism, hence truth would be quarantined in dark silent hollows where it couldn’t wreak havoc.

Republicans have long understood the power and threat that words bear. In 1996, their Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, having two years earlier co-engineered the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives after four decades of Democratic control, declared a war on language. As leader of the congressional Republicans, Gingrich was tasked with engineering the first reelection of a Republican House majority in almost seven decades. His strategy centered around remixing language with an Orwellian bent.

For the 1996 election, Gingrich authored a memo from GOPAC, the Republican…

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