Explosive: Pesticides in Paradise; the war on life in Hawaii

If you were the President of the United States, and the land where you were raised was under attack, would you see something, say something, do something?

If you were a tourist, would you visit this place?

By Jon Rappoport

The Hawai’i Center for Food Safety has just released a major report, Pesticides in Paradise. It details an ongoing chemical assault on the people and the land of Hawaii.

I’ll present several key quotes which, in a half-sane world, would force government officials to take immediate and drastic action to stop the onslaught and punish the corporate offenders with lengthy prison sentences.

Yet, right now, the voters of Maui County, who scored a victory last November, who created a new law temporarily blocking Monsanto and Dow from continuing these inhuman experiments, while a true investigation uncovered all the secret details…the voters of Maui are embroiled in a federal court room to make their entirely legitimate vote stand up.

Similar legislative actions on Kauai and the Big Island have been struck down.

As you read the quotes below, keep in mind we are talking about human experimentation with no informed consent from the population. This is not, for the most part, commercial agriculture.

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