Expect New Wars in the Middle East if Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

Thirteen years of wars in the Middle East, since the illegal
and criminal
invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003, have killed way over
a million people; destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and created millions
of refugees
. The terrorist attacks by Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL)
in Europe, coupled with hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East
have strengthened xenophobia, Islamophobia, and more generally, hatred of foreigners.
Daesh itself is a byproduct of the invasion of Iraq that led to the emergence
of al-Qaeda in Iraq, morphing into its present state as a result of the wars
in Libya and Syria. Can things get any worse? Not only they can, we should expect
new wars in the Middle East if Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumptive Democratic
candidate for president is elected next November. Even a glance at her record
and the neoconservatives’
for her presidency indicate how likely new wars in the Middle
East will be.

Hillary Clinton is a
hawk and warmonger
. People often point to her vote in 2002 for going to
war in Iraq and her
enthusiasm for it
. After all, it was during her husband’s presidency that
toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein became the
official policy of the United States
. But, her track record of starting
and supporting wars, and siding with despots is much deeper than Iraq. She supported
the coup
in Honduras
in 2009 and in Ukraine
in 2014
; was the leading
of the U.S. and NATO intervention in Libya that turned that economically
advanced nation into
a hub
for all types of terrorist groups;
laughed shamelessly
at the news of Muammar Ghaddafi’s murder;
supported extra-judicial assassinations
by drones; backed escalation
of the war in Afghanistan
ordered by President Obama, and has taken an
extremely hawkish stance
toward Russia. And as Secretary of State she supported
massive sale of advanced US weapons to Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Persian
Gulf area, all reactionary dictatorships, the same weapons that are being used
to attack Yemen.

The only “accomplishments” that she is still lacking are starting a war with
Iran and invading Syria. If she is elected president, she may get to add both
to her “impeccable” track record of war, bloodshed and destruction and in the
process spark World War III, if
it has not already begun
as a result of US policy toward the Middle East.

Clinton considers
Syria and Iran closely linked. In fact, most objective experts and analysts
do believe that the war in Syria has a lot to do with Iran, its strategic alliance
with Syria, its use of Syrian territory to help the Lebanese Hezbollah, and
more generally what the Sunni Arab regimes of the region consider as the “Shiite crescent” – the alliance between
the Shiites in Iran,…

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