Executions by Fire; 46 Killed in Iraq

Executions by Fire; 46 Killed in Iraq

At least 46 people were killed, and 22 were wounded:

Militants burned
five people to death
in Tal Abta after accusing them of spying.

people were killed and six were wounded
when a bomb at a market in Taji

Peshmerga and as many as 10 militants were killed
in Daquq during

A roadside bomb killed
a militiaman
in Muqdadiya.

In Swamrah, mortar fire wounded
two women and two children

A bomb in Zarkush wounded
two people
, including a civilian.

In Sadr City, a stun grenade left under a motorcycle wounded
a civilian

Clashes in Rashad left
one Peshmerga and eight militants dead
. Strikes left five
militants dead and nine wounded

Peshmerga forces killed
four militants
in Zumar.

militants were killed
when a bomb they were transporting exploded in the Hamrin

An airstrike in Hawija killed a militant

Near Kirkuk, a strike killed a militant leader.

Another militant
leader was killed
in a strike on Mosul.

Several militants were killed
in a failed attack on a floating bridge linking Makhmour and Qayara.

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