Evan McMullin: Raising the Neocon Flag

When one thinks of the neoconservatives what comes to mind is their warmongering,
and they have indeed been the War Party’s brains since their incubation inside
the Democratic party and their defection
to the GOP
during the Vietnam era. Yet there are other aspects of the neooconservative
mind – or, rather, the neoconservative personality – that are significant,
and one of these is their viciousness.

These guys (and gals) fight dirty: the smear, the ad hominem argument,
is their signature method. Remember the campaign
against Chuck Hagel
that targeted him as an “anti-Semite” They lost that
one, yet they are not the type to change their ways. They tried the same tack
with Donald Trump, throwing every smear in the book at him, and their reaction
to his amazing victory in the primaries underscores both the primal hatred they
feel for their enemies, and their obsession with control of the institutions
they infiltrate.

For many months now, Bill Kristol, the neocons’ little Lenin, has been trying
to gin up a fifth party candidate who will take enough votes away from Trump
to deny him the White House. First there was Mitt Romney, and then was Sen.
Ben Saase being floated as the chosen sacrificial lamb, and when they
the Kristolians turned to one David French, a scribbler for National
– who backed
after a week.

But now, finally, the #NeverTrump movement – which was always a neocon front
group – has come forth with a willing candidate: Evan McMullin, a 40-something
year-old former CIA agent, former House Republican foreign policy director,
and former investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

To be sure, the McMullin campaign won’t be emphasizing the Goldman Sachs connection:
the candidate’s Twitter bio merely mentions that
he has been a “businessman.” And with good reason: memories of the Big Bank
Bailout are still fresh in the minds of the very constituency he hopes to cultivate.
And McMullin’s role at Goldman Sachs was in the investment
banking division
, where the underwriting of foreign government bonds and
some pretty dicey financial shenanigans occur mostly in the dark.

He is the archetypal neoconservative: a full-bore interventionist, who is clearly
making foreign policy the centerpiece of his campaign, citing his experience
in “fighting terrorism” as his chief talking point – aside, that is, from attacking
Trump almost exclusively. In a speech he declared
that the US role is to police the world in order to stop “genocide.” Echoing the
new cold war rhetoric of the Clinton campaign, and his former boss, ex-CIA director
Michael Morrell, he declares
that Trump is “bought and paid for by Vladimir Putin.” And as a key player in
the neocon wing of the CIA, which ginned up phony “intelligence” to drag us
into the Iraq war,…

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