EU Calls for Probe into Latest Israeli Massacre of Palestinians

In a major break with the Jewish lobby—which normally strictly controls public pronouncements from European Union officials—the EU’s diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini has called for an official investigation into the deadly massacre of unarmed Palestinians by Israel over the Easter weekend.

At least 17—and counting—Palestinians were shot dead and more than 1,400 wounded after Israeli army snipers, soldiers and drones attacked thousands of protesters who had flocked to a sit-in near the border fence between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The demonstrations—which did not take place on Israeli soil—are part of a combined protest against the planned American government’s move of its embassy to Jerusalem and also part of a build-up to commemorate the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine by the Jews in 1948.

Mogherini called for “an independent and transparent investigation” that “could shed light on how the Palestinians were killed during demonstrations” and would focus on the “use of live ammunition” by the Jews against the demonstrators, none of whom were armed.

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