Eat Bacon, Butter, Cheese

By Emily Chan and Anucyia Victor
Daily Mail

May 27, 2016

The debate over the amount of fat in our diet has just become more confusing thanks to a new report.

After a study released earlier this week suggested that low-fat diets are doing more harm than good, many people who thought they were health conscious are now contemplating an entirely new eating plan embracing the very ingredient they believed was the enemy.

So which fats should we embrace, and which are still no-nos? FEMAIL talked to the experts to find out.

The authors behind the report say saturated fat does not cause heart disease while full-fat diary can actually protect the heart.

But nutritionist Sarah Flower told FEMAIL that the report does not give us a free pass to eat all fatty foods.

‘We have all been conditioned to avoid fats since the 1970s so to suddenly hear that fat is good, causes confusion,’ she said.

‘Whilst the report is advocating us eating more fat, it is not giving us the green flag to start consuming chips and doughnuts.

‘This is all about us eating real food, healthy fats – and, really crucially, avoiding refined carbohydrates.’

Shona Wilkinson, the nutritionist at SuperfoodUK, added: ‘Fats are needed for all our cell membranes, providing a fluid structure to let substances in and out of the cell while maintaining its shape,’ she explained.

‘They’re vital for our brain too – about 60 percent of the dry weight of the brain is made up of fat, including the omega-3 fat DHA as found in oily fish and fish oils.’

She explains that products that market themselves as low-fat are not necessarily good for us.

‘When food companies create low-fat food what they normally do is remove the fat and replace it with sweeteners, artificial flavourings, and additives’, she says.

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