Dr. David Duke to run for U.S. Senate

Dr. David Duke has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.

Dr. Duke, an outspoken critic of Zionism and longtime advocate for European-Americans, was a member of Louisiana’s House of Representatives from 1989-1994.

In a video released Thursday morning, Dr. Duke outlined his positions on a number of salient issues. He began by asserting that he supports the rights of all Americans – including European-Americans. As such, he opposed Affirmative Action in the past and has vowed to put an end to unchecked immigration from the third world, stating that this process has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of European-Americans.

Dr. Duke noted with satisfication that his tenacity in putting America first has been adopted by Donald Trump, and thus a significant number of Americans as well. He opposes free trade, instead opting for fair trade – trade that protects American businesses and jobs.

Interestingly, Dr. Duke also stressed the need for campaign finance reform, citing the pervasive influence of super PACs on American politics.

He also suggested employing anti-trust laws to break up America’s centralized media conglomerates.

If you’re interested in supporting Dr. Duke in his run for U.S. Senate, please consider donating.

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