Don’t Automatically Trust Your Doctor

The Headline reads: HARVARD INVESTIGATION SHOWS DOCTORS ARE PAID HUGE SUMS TO PRESCRIBE ADDICTIVE OPIOIDS. “In 2010, it was found that roughly 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs alone. Now, according to a recent Harvard University analysis, doctors who prescribe these pain-killers are being paid huge sums of money from their manufacturers. The research, which was conducted by Harvard scientists and CNN, discovered that in 2014-2015 thousands of doctors were paid over $25,000 from opioid manufacturers and hundreds more were rewarded with six-figure sums. Also, the more opioids that were prescribed, the larger the reward.”

Now President Trump is calling for tougher sentencing of drug dealers. The headline there reads: Trump opioid plan includes death penalty for traffickers. Is that going to apply to these kinds of doctors who are accepting bribes, payoffs, to effect ruin and death into an alarming number of Americans lives? And what will we do with the anti-marijuana warriors when it becomes clear that they are killing innocent people by denying them a natural substance. When we read the headlines, Studies link legal marijuana with fewer opioid prescriptionsmeaning less deaths, we really begin to wonder what evil arrogance is at foot in the world of medicine.

It is hard to believe how deep this rabbit hole goes. Read what a former and a current editor-in-chief of the two largest most credible medical journals in the world, listen to what they have to say:

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“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians…

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