Does It Matter How Trump Goes Or Even That He Does?

Photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann | CC BY 2.0

The chances are good and getting better that Donald Trump’s presidency will be done in, at least in part, by the most odious sector of the “deep state,” the so-called intelligence community.  Would this be something to regret?

Of course, it would.  But there are good reasons for concluding, even so, that getting rid of Trump, the sooner the better, matters more.   Even if that means relying on noxious scoundrels, the least bad option may well be to buck up.

The issue is complicated, however, because, dreadful as Trump’s presidency is  — especially for Americans from vulnerable populations – a Mike Pence presidency, which is what we would be left with were Trump to go, would be even worse on many counts.

There is, however, one consideration that trumps all others, as it were: the fear that the hyper-erratic ignoramus currently occupying the White House might take a notion, in a fit of pique, to annihilate the world.

Before the election, when it was still possible not always to think the worst of him, that concern wasn’t quite as palpable as it has since become.

That was also a time when the current obsession with Russia, Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire,” seemed to have gone extinct, along with Soviet style Communism.  It turns out that it was only lying dormant.

Hapless Hillary awoke the sleeping monster; the villainization of (capitalist) Russia, and of Vladimir Putin, started out as a Clinton campaign…

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