Documentary exposes the fraud of New Zealand “peacekeeping” in Afghanistan


Documentary exposes the fraud of New Zealand “peacekeeping” in Afghanistan

Sam Price and Tom Peters

20 September 2017

A recent documentary presented further evidence of the criminal character of the New Zealand Defence Force’s activities in Afghanistan. The Valley aired on TV3 on August 14 and is also available on Fairfax Media’s website. It describes in detail a tactic called “bait and hook”, used by the elite Special Air Service (NZSAS) to terrorise civilians and provoke battles, as well as the offensive and intelligence-gathering operations of the regular army’s so-called Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZPRT).

Successive governments have fraudulently portrayed New Zealand’s military operations in Afghanistan as a “peacekeeping” effort and part of the fight against terrorism. In fact, the ongoing war is one of several predatory imperialist ventures, including the wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya, undertaken by the US to reverse its historic decline and gain control over resource-rich regions. Now the US is threatening North Korea and building up its forces against nuclear-armed Russia and China.

New Zealand’s ruling elite joined the Afghan war to strengthen its alliance with the US, which it relies on to support New Zealand’s neo-colonial interests in the Pacific region. The NZSAS was first sent to Afghanistan in 2001 by the Labour Party government of 1999-2008, supported by its “left” coalition partner, the Alliance, whose MPs voted to endorse the mission. The 140-strong NZPRT was deployed in 2003. Under Labour, the NZ military also joined the occupation of Iraq.

The National Party government withdrew the bulk of New Zealand’s forces from Afghanistan in 2013, although 10 military personnel remain in the country. About 140 New…

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