Displaced Persons Immolated; 92 Killed in Iraq


Displaced Persons Immolated; 92 Killed in Iraq

Although an operation to liberate Mosul could be months
away, people from surrounding areas have already begun flowing
into camps for the displaced. At Dibaga, overpopulation has led to minor

Large protests,
however, took place outside oil installations in Zubayr. No casualties
were reported, but dozens of arrests were made. The demonstrators want better
access to jobs.

Several people were injured in Sulaymaniya
when supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) staged their own
demonstrations demanding the release of P.K.K. leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is
being held in a Turkish prison. 

At least 92 people were killed and 18 more wounded:

suicide bombers
attacked a security post in a village near Qayara, killing 10
security personnel and wounding seven others

In Bakara, eight
displaced people were set on fire and died

A roadside bomb near Rashad killed
one displaced man and wounded four members of his family

officer and a policeman were wounded
in an I.E.D. blast in Muqdadiya.

Security personnel in Wadi al-Shioukh killed
33 militants

At least 14
militants were killed
during airstrikes on Qaim, including

In Kasarat and Barwana, strike killed
at least 10 militants

Security forces killed
five militants
in Matbijeh.

A quarrel in Riyadh left three
militants dead

A clash between Daesh and unidentified gunmen in Hawija
left two
militants dead and five wounded

In Baghdad, two
suicide bombers were killed

In Abbasi, a sticky bomb killed
a militant leader

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