Democrats urge Obama to ‘deprive Trump of Guantánamo Bay

Democrats have written a letter to US President Barack Obama, urging him to make a last-ditch effort to keep his thwarted promise to close the notorious Guantánamo Bay prison.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus sent the letter to the lame-duck president on Wednesday as President-elect Donald Trump was busy recruiting more pro-torture and pro-war figures ahead of his January 20th inauguration.

On the 15th anniversary of the opening of the prison, the 40 Democratic signatories said in the letter that they were alarmed by “torture’s resurgence.”

“[W]ith only days before your term ends, we ask that you definitively close the site by rapidly pursuing any and all options within your existing authority to seek lawful disposition of all of the 55 remaining individuals languishing in the camp,” wrote the 40 members of the caucus in the letter, obtained by The Guardian. “Mr. Trump must be deprived of the use of Guantánamo Bay.”

While campaigning…

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