Democrats raise questions about Trump’s mental health


A growing number of Democrats are openly saying that Donald Trump may not be mentally fit to serve as the president of the United States.

Mental health professionals have already warned that President Trump is showing “classic signs” of mental illness, including “malignant narcissism.”

A Washington, DC-based newspaper, The Hill, reported on Friday that several Democratic lawmakers are also now questioning President Trump’s mental health.

In a floor speech this week, Earl Blumenauer, a Representative from Oregon, demanded a review of the Constitution’s procedures for removing a president if he is mentally unstable. The Congressman said the 25th Amendment of the Constitution falls short when it comes to mental or emotional fitness for the office of the president.

Earl Blumenauer, a Representative from Oregon

Senator Al Franken from Minnesota told CNN during a weekend interview that Trump’s mental health is a source of great concern for some of his…

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