Democrats’ Politics of Fraud Produces No More Gun Safety

What’s the difference between these two Democrats, Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Rep. Barbara Lee of California? Chris Murphy puts on a pointless, pompous filibuster to achieve a meaningless vote on gun control measures he knows will never pass. Rep. Barbara Lee is in her 15th year of quietly trying to persuade ANY other Representative or Senator to accept constitutional responsibility for deciding whether or not the US should go to war. Guess who gets more attention?

What is wrong, truly, profoundly wrong with Democrats? Republicans are easy, they embrace their commitment to naked power without principle beyond a simple-minded checklist of ideological bumper sticker thoughts. That made voting for NRA-sponsored mass murder a no-brainer for Republicans (except those in states with a possibly conscious electorate).

But the Democrats – they are so far adrift in their own self-admiration they don’t even appear to realize what fools they’ve seemed chasing the folly of certain defeat with their “victorious” filibuster. It was “one of the longest filibusters” in Senate history, 15 hours – how sad is that? The party’s lemming-like vacuity was even lampooned in The Onion, where the preposterous Sen. Dianne Feinstein was portrayed as unable to get even an empty gun control measure through the Senate chamber door without its self-destructing. Dianne Feinstein pushing gun control is like Donald Trump pushing tax fairness – believe it when it’s…

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