Democrats, Business Sacrifice ‘Dreamers’ to Preserve Chain Migration

Democrats pose as ardent champions of the 3 million ‘dreamer’ illegals — but they are deliberately sacrificing the illegals’ interest in a quick and narrow amnesty to instead protect the continued chain-migration inflow of Democratic-leaning voters.

The Party’s chain-before-dreamer choice was made when Democrats rejected President Donald Trump’s four-part Framework offer to amnesty 1.8 million illegals in exchange for a gradual wind-down of the chain migration program which annually brings roughly 350,000 migrants into the United States.

Trump’s requirement for ending chain migration is the major obstacle to a deal. Democrats have largely accepted Trump’s demand for a wall and many also support a partial end to the visa lottery, although many still oppose the border-wall legal reforms sought by Trump.

“Democrats are in a bit of a box because they’ve gotta say ‘No’ to a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million because they’re upset about chain migration and the diversity lottery,” pro-amnesty Sen. Lindsey Graham said frankly on February 8.

The second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, made the same chain-migration-first statement on February 7, while redefining chain-migration of an immigrant’s siblings, parents, and adult-children as a family “reuniting”:

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