Democrats: Boost, Knock, Enthuse

Photo Source AFGE | CC BY 2.0

Hillary Clinton was supposed to trounce Donald Trump two years (or was it two centuries?) ago. She was a poor candidate on many levels, but he was too preposterous to win.

The prevailing view, back then, was that when the campaign would finally be over, the demons Trump let loose would have to be dealt with, but Trump and Trumpism would soon be forgotten, like a bad dream.

By “Trumpism,” I mean that particular brand of authoritarian nationalism, replete with racist, nativist and misogynistic inflections, which, in tandem with the ideologies of evangelical Christians, rightwing Zionists, free marketeers, and outright fascists, has taken over the Republican Party.

Things didn’t quite work out that way. Trump won – by getting the most votes in the Electoral College – and his campaign is now remembered almost fondly for being less odious than he and his administration have gone on to be.

Moreover, it is, by now, well understood that no matter what happens in the midterm elections, the nightmare that was supposed to end with the Trump campaign is not about to disappear into the ether any time soon.

It is therefore timely to reflect on the short and longer-term implications of the present moment.

It is especially urgent to undertake that reflection with a view to figuring out how best to deal with what is, sadly, the only real alternative to the Party of Trump and Trumpism, the Democratic Party.


To that end, it is important to guard…

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