Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis visits Google and Amazon


Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis visits Google and Amazon

Andre Damon

12 August 2017

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said in a statement Wednesday that North Korea would face the “destruction of its people” if it did not comply with the demands of the United States.

The retired Marine Corps general, given the name “Mad Dog” for his bloody conquest of the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004, issued this genocidal proclamation as he was departing for a trip not to a forward operating base, but to the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle and a Defense Department agency in Silicon Valley that works closely with tech firms such as Google.

With the United States closer to nuclear conflict than at any point since the end of the Cold War, Mattis’ visit was an indication of the increasingly vital role played by the US tech giants not just in the conduct of wars abroad, but in the censorship and suppression of political opposition at home.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos meets with Mattis Thursday [Photo Credit: @JeffBezos]

In the preparation for war against North Korea, and very possibly its ally China, Mattis and the US military are well aware that they face their greatest potential adversary at home, in the form of mass working class opposition to war. The growth of militarism and war are always accompanied by expanding attacks on democratic rights and the development of authoritarian forms of rule.

In the US today, the military, the intelligence agencies and major media outlets are working with technology companies, in the first instance, Google, to institute systematic censorship aimed at silencing left-wing, antiwar web sites. The chief target of this operation is the World Socialist Web Site.

Over the past three months, in the name of combating “fake news” and…

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