Defend Europa’s Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement for Nationalist Females

Laura, Defend Europa, 31 March 2018

Self-improvement is the study and application of improving one’s life. The more we excel as individuals; the more we can contribute to our communities and the more we will inspire others to do exactly the same. The first step of the self-improvement process starts with having self-awareness. Being aware of the areas that you excel in, but also the areas that you could improve in, will allow you to highlight dimensions from which you can then implement a plan of progression.

Below I have listed a number of areas which we, as females, may want to think about in regards to being the best versions of ourselves. Be honest with yourself about the areas you’ve already mastered and the ones that still need some work and consider whether a change in this area will do you and your community good.

Let’s begin.

Self-Improvement Tip 1: Don’t Neglect Your Physical and Mental Fitness

There are hundreds of reasons why being healthy is important. The physical and mental benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are vast. The most important of these being that you will live a longer life and you’ll be more likely to be free from illness and ailments. Maintaining a high level of physical and mental fitness will keep you energetic, will allow you to maintain an optimum weight and will reduce the risk of cardiac and other health-related problems. Studies suggest that healthy people are also 20% happier on average than those who describe themselves…

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