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A letter that spent 46 years buried in the feds’ archives reveals the hijacker may have survived leaping out of a plane

A letter newly released from the FBI’s archives may prove that DB Cooper – the 1971 hijacker last seen leaping out of a plane with a fortune in cash – survived his apparent death.

The letter, which was sent 17 days after the hijacking appears to contain information that was not released into the public domain until 13 years later.

If that’s the case it might reveal not only that Cooper lived to tell the tale of his extraordinary heist, but that the FBI covered it up to hide their embarrassment at his escape, the leader of a team of private investigators told DailyMail.com.

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It's been claimed that he died, but this letter - newly released after a Freedom of Information suit filed with the FBI - was sent soon after the hijacking and appears to reveal that Cooper survived the fall as it contains details - like the lack of fingerprints - kept from the public

The hijacking occurred on November 24, 1971, when a man calling himself Dan Cooper boarded a Boeing 727 at Portland Airport and announced shortly after takeoff that he was holding a bomb.

The plane was grounded at Seattle-Tacoma airport until authorities produced $200,000 in cash – the equivalent of $1,213,226 today – and Cooper released the passengers.

But he kept some of the crew on board and forced them to take off before opening up the back of the plane and parachuting out over the forests of Washington, clutching the money and clad only in a suit.

The FBI ultimately concluded that Cooper – whose real name is unknown – died of exposure, and last year they closed the case.

But a team of around 40 private investigators led by TV and film executive Thomas Colbert and his wife Dawna believe that Cooper is alive – and told DailyMail.com they have the evidence to…

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