Criminal Leftists Shut Down Milo Talk at UC Berkeley

By Reinhard Wolff |

Over a thousand demonstrators and criminal rioters flocked to UC Berkeley this evening to protest Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned speech at the university. After destroying property and lighting fires, UC Berkeley made the decision to cancel the event.

Multiple people – possibly Trump supporters – have been assaulted. One individual was knocked unconscious in the middle of the street.

Despite recently denouncing White Nationalism, these vapid Leftists still equate Milo, a Jewish homosexual, with Hitler, fascism, and other right-wing ideologies that don’t look too kindly on Jews or gays.

Milo’s strategy is quite successful. By getting Leftists riled up, he ensures that he stays relevant.

The event is still unfolding. Although Milo’s speech was cancelled, the Leftists appear to have no intention of leaving.

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