Could Hillary Finally Be Locked Up?

US policymakers on both sides of the political spectrum have weaponized Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report in an ongoing battle for power. However, the political fight may become a detriment to the country’s national unity.

It appears that Republicans and Democrats are waging nothing short of a “sleaze war” ahead of the 2018 congressional elections and the future 2020 presidential run.

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller is proceeding with his investigation into alleged “collusion” between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election race, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the results of his inquiry into the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email case on June 14.

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Although the Horowitz report stated that there is no proof that then-FBI chief James Comey’s actions were driven by political bias, it exposed controversial practices and anti-Trump bias demonstrated by some of the agency’s employees and cast a shadow on the Democratic Party’s election campaign.

Additionally, the report revealed that the ex-FBI chief had been “insubordinate” when he announced that then Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would not be charged for mishandling classified information and not informing former Attorney General Loretta Lynch of his decision.

To Comey’s embarrassment, it was found out that he himself had used a private email while conducting FBI business, which contradicted the agency’s policies.

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