Corporate Welfare

Isn’t it about time that American corporate leaders who lie, cheat, mislead, and defraud the public be held accountable? Wall Street was the high-water mark of corporate fraud, a fraud that government institutions let happen, hurting millions of investors, consumers, and workers – actually global citizens who trusted the banking industry and the government to keep them safe from common thieves in the financial industries.

Public officials, in effect, made it easy for Wall Street to exploit an unregulated financial system for their own gain. Then when they defrauded and nearly broke the system, government bailed them out and excused their corruption. In turn we were ignored and rebuked by the same corrupt executives taking bonuses while demeaning and belittling us, this while many of us were unemployed and stripped of our savings. This too was excused by elected government representatives.

Such a scenario has only emboldened corporate executives to continue the corrupt practices that public officials, including President Obama, overlooked with the excuse of protecting a tottering economic system. Thus none were ever held accountable.

With the continued propaganda of conservatism dominating all media and dispensing daily talking points, in effect, meant to be public lessons to convince citizenry that all can be rich, that poverty is a mark of weakness, that big government is evil, that private enterprise is all effective, and that criticizing the rich is the…

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