Corbyn should back new Brexit vote

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labour Party, has come under pressure to support a fresh Brexit referendum as the party’s members overwhelmingly oppose the UK’s exit from the European Union.

According to a polling, part of an ongoing study into attitudes in various parties, 72 percent of Labour members believe that their leader should fully support a second referendum.

While only 18 percent are opposed to Labour campaigning for a second vote, 88 percent would favor remain if such a vote takes place, shows the survey.

Meanwhile, 16 percent say they have contemplated quitting Labour due to its pro-Brexit stand, according to the analysis, which is part of the Party Members Project led by Professor Tim Bale of Queen Mary University of London.

The researchers said Corbyn’s own supporters would turn against him if he still opposes another referendum, as he did a few days before Christmas.

“Our survey suggests Labour’s membership is…

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