Corbyn rules out second referendum on final deal with EU

The UK Labour Party will not support a second referendum on the terms of Prime Minster Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a party spokesman has said.  

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was considering including a pledge to hold a second referendum in the Labour manifesto for the upcoming general election, reports on Wednesday suggested.

“A second referendum is not our policy and it won’t be in our manifesto,” a spokesman Corbyn pointed out on Thursday.

Corbyn also dodged a question on the issue in his first keynote speech of the election campaign during a rally in central London, and referred back to Labour’s established policy on retaining “tariff-free access to the European market.”

The Labour leader pitched himself as the anti-establishment candidate in his passionate speech on Thursday who is determined to take on the “cozy cartels” of multinational corporations that run a “rigged system” and establish a government that puts the interests of…

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