Consortium News Unveils New Logo – Consortiumnews

Consortium News on Thursday unveils a new logo, the first redesign of the publication’s nameplate in several years.

The new design changes the name of the publication in the logo from to its more commonly used name, Consortium News. The site’s url is moved to the bottom left in white against black, joining the tribute to Consortium’s founder Robert Parry on the right.

The updated design retains the essential aspects that harken back to an earlier age in American journalism, namely the 1970s, when reporters still banged away on typewriters. Hence the font is still American Typewriter and the red and black typewriter ribbon remains, though in a sleeker form.

Journalism in the 1970s in the U.S. followed anti-Establishment mass movements against the war in Vietnam, for women’s equality and civil rights for African Americans that led to an era of critical U.S. reporting that took an adversarial position towards power and held the powerful to account.

Today the vastly consolidated corporate media since those days largely promotes the agenda of a corporate-controlled government, particularly abroad. Rather than using the very different power of the press to hold the powerful up to scrutiny, too many journalists instead live vicariously through the powerful people they cover.

Consortium New’s mission is to revive and maintain that earlier era of non-partisan journalism that represented the public’s interest against those in power who would abuse it.

The previous logo was created by Bob Parry and his son, Sam Parry. The new one unveiled today is by Dino Zonic.

We hope you like the new look.

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