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Two blocks from my front door, there are two signs in a house window, “FASCIST SCUM YOUR TIME IS DONE,” “WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM.” Seeing them, my 71-year-old friend, Felix, snarled, “I feel like throwing a rock through that window! How dare he comes into this neighborhood and calls us Fascists!” Interesting, Felix’ immediate assumption that the man was a newcomer, that is, an outsider who had intruded to find the locals more than deplorable.

Less than a block away, there are these signs in second-floor windows, “VETERANS FOR TRUMP / MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” “TRUMP / MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” “the silent majority STANDS WITH TRUMP,” “TRUMP / MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” plus an American flag.

Fifty yards from that house, there is a poster showing the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta being flushed down the toilet, “CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DIDN’T DISCOVER SHIT / DECOLONIZE / ABOLISH POLICE . RETURN STOLEN LAND. CEASE INDUSTRIALIZATION. CEASE ASSIMILATION. PROTECT SACRED LAND AND WATER”

So far, who is the extremist here? Of course, the correct answer is all of them, thanks to the extreme polarization of our society, for if you don’t agree with someone politically, he becomes a Fascist or Communist.

The last fellow echoes Derek Jensen, who has written 20 books to defend nature and denounce human supremacism, industrialism and agriculture. Jensen wants to destroy all that is and reboot the world. Since humanity can never think or act as one, however, there is no chance that, say, “CEASE INDUSTRIALISM” can ever be applied universally.

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We’ve only walked two blocks, and the political and social division on display is already jarring, so let’s take brief refuge in the…

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