Colonel Shaffer: Gunman Deliberately Targeted Country Music Concert to Kill Trump Supporters

Massacre was a “deliberate act of terror,” says CIA-trained intelligence expert

Paul Joseph Watson
October 4, 2017


According to former U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock deliberately targeted a country music concert so he could kill Trump supporters.

Shaffer told Fox News it was “beyond dispute” that the shooting was a “deliberate act of terror” and that the motive was clear, pointing out that gunman Stephen Paddock “parallels in many ways” James Hodgkinson, the left-wing terrorist who tried to massacre Republican lawmakers back in June.

“After talking to a psychological professional and some other folks in law enforcement, there’s a lot of parallels there,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer, a CIA-trained intelligence operative, also asserted that the country music concert was a “politically selected target” because the shooter knew “there was gonna be a lot of pro-gun folks there, Trump supporters at this concert.”

“This was a legitimate target of political expression,” said Shaffer, adding that “the left has now encouraged the use of violence as an extension and use of political speech.”

Shaffer went on to explain how the left has normalized violence with stunts like Kathy Griffin’s ‘beheading’ of Trump.

The fact that the FBI dismissed terrorism within hours of the shooting was “completely insane,” according to Shaffer, especially given the revelation that Paddock wired $100,000 dollars to the Philippines before the attack.

As we reported last night, officials are now looking into how Paddock became “radicalized”.

Shaffer’s comments echo those of forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner, who suggested yesterday that Paddock’s motive was to deliberately target conservatives.

Paddock’s family maintains that he had no strong political or religious beliefs.


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