College Students Penalized for Offensive Words


Universities penalise undergraduates for ‘offensive’ gender phrases in essays and exams



Essays will be marked down unless they use ‘gender-sensitive language’, students at a British university have been told.

Many universities are already advising students and staff not to use ‘gender-offensive’ terms such as ‘he’ or ‘she’ to describe people that could be either male or female.

And terms such as ‘mankind’, ‘manpower’ and ‘man-made’ are frowned upon by academics if used in essays.

But now the school of social science at the University of Hull has gone one step further by threatening to deduct marks from students for using such phrases.

A document sent to students reads: ‘Language is important and highly symbolic.

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‘In your essay I thus expect you to be aware of the powerful and symbolic nature of language and use gender-sensitive formations.

‘Failure to use gender-sensitive language will impact on your mark.’

Critics have savaged the move as ‘linguistic policing’ which damages students’ fluent expression and creativity.

Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at Kent University, told The Sunday Times: ‘Usually such threats are implicit rather than spelled out as in the case of Hull.

‘This linguistic policing is used as a coercive tool to impose a conformist outlook. The alternative is to pay a penalty of being marked down.’

Just last week an American student was penalized for using the term ‘mankind’ in an essay.

Cailin Jeffers, an English student at Northern Arizona University, lost a mark for using the word as a synonym for…

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  • RobSa

    This is excellent. I’ve been trying to avoid those words for years. I hate how sexist they are and all the historical connotations that such language implies. I support all of these correct policies.

    Any criticism of this is like criticism of renewable energy; its just instantly dismissed as discredited conservative talking points.

    • AWOL Prime

      Avoiding all those words? Really? Are you afraid someone’s gonna cry?

      • RobSa

        What I meant was avoiding their use by me, not by others. It was more about being correct (you know politically correct) instead of making false assumptions about someone.

    • Joe Blow

      Donyou wear a man bun?

      • doodaa

        Nope. Have callouses on my hands and feet.

        • RobSa

          You make me feel special. I like things about me. Thanks.

      • RobSa

        If fix my hair just the way I like it. Don’t you?

        • doodaa

          Yes. Fuck what someone else thinks. We may disagree but I like the way you think.

    • Ingold Inglorion

      How do you speak with your head so far up your ass?

      • RobSa

        Because you have nothing to contribute to the discussion you get mildly frustrated and lash out at strangers with whom you disagree. Its time for more maturity, don’t you think?

    • Mark

      So, at what point does this end for you? Do you also avoid words such as semantics, blacksmith, leman, remand, and lumen?

  • lone ranger

    Someone needs to look up Steve Hughes on You Tube “I’m Offended”. Put this thing in perspective

    • Justin Thought

      Someone did. Thank you very much. Laughed my–oops, I can’t say that. Someone will get offended.

  • Steve

    These absurdities in places of “higher learning” can’t go on forever. At some point the pendulum will rotate back to common sense – it has to.

    • Joe Blow

      In our life time?? ?

      • doodaa

        Depends on how old you are. :)

    • Ingold Inglorion

      Will it? These universities are ground zero for Frankfurt school social marxism. That’s how it infected the west–through the universities.

  • AWOL Prime

    This provocation is clearly man-made. I’m afraid mankind will suffer because of this. And our policemen and firemen will have their work cut out for them in the future. I’m writing my Congressman about all this.

    • doodaa

      Good luck with that. Your Congressman don’t give a fuck about you. The SOB gets paid every month and doesn’t have to do a goddam thing.

  • doodaa

    Why in the f*ck do people waste time and money to go to college? Can’t you folks actually do something productive? I learned Math and English and History. DUUHHH..The three R’s got me through life so far. Working with my hands and my 3’s got me farther, yet.

  • garwain

    One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Free with your graduation certificate, a brain the size of an atrophied walnut.

    • doodaa

      The generation of 2020 will have worse than Hillary.

      • garwain

        Queue here for your RFID chip.

        • doodaa

          I will be in line in behind you and saving you a place.:)

  • frankw

    Instead of gender specific words, why not just say “It”.

    • doodaa


  • Zaphod Braden

    This from the “heroic” JE SUIS CHARLIE HEBDO screamers who just years ago (and still) demanded that “fuck, shit, cunt” etc were FREE SPEECH …… Censorship is enslavement.
    Political Correctness was an “invention” of socialists at the Frankfurt School back around 1930 to bring Marxist social conventions into mainstream society. Political Correctness has been accurately described as Cultural Marxism. Yes. PC is indeed a Marxist tool of conquest.
    “Political Correctness” is a Jewish YOKE on the necks&mind of Christian Gentiles.
    Any Bible reader knows what a YOKE is, and how the Jews brag about placing YOKES on Egypt and Babylon. The “holocaust” is a YOKE on the minds of Western Christians.
    Slaves are not “allowed” to have opinions, beliefs, or thoughts.
    Slaves are just supposed to unquestioningly do the bidding of the master .
    THAT is what Political Correctness is, the YOKING/enslavement of the Gentiles.
    Make the Goyim afraid to speak a word, or think a thought.

  • AllThings_April_Mendez

    The stupidity of the so called “learned elders” continue to exponentially grow. If I had a college aged student I would pull them out of these Marxist schools and send them to a school that teaches reality over delusions

  • kikz2

    oh, SOD OFF!