CNN’s Lemon despairs of Trump calling for flying water tankers to douse Notre Dame flames — RT USA News

CNN news anchor Don Lemon knocked US President Donald Trump for suggesting French firefighters use flying water tankers to extinguish the devastating Notre Dam blaze, saying “you would think the president would know better.”

After Trump tweeted his suggestion to authorities battling the almighty blaze Monday night, Lemon told viewers of his nightly show that the French were “not having that.”

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The French civil defense agency later tweeted that while “all means are being used” to fight the flames, flying water tankers – often deployed over forest fires – cannot be used on delicate sites as it could “lead to the collapse of the entire structure.”

Lemon said Trump, who made his name by building skyscrapers, should know better and went on to cite the president’s previous ‘suggestion’ to California firefighters that raking the forest floor could have prevented the devastating wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes in 2018.

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The anchor further criticized the president for not being able to stop himself from weighing in and “playing the expert.” As though perversely proving just that point, Trump on Monday suggested that Boeing needs to “rebrand” their grounded 737 MAX planes.

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