Climate Change Helped Destroy Ancient Civilizations

Short video totally proves my point, that NATURALLY occurring climate change destroyed civilizations. This video, put out by the World Economic Forum, tells of the collapse of the Maya civilization, the collapse of the Mesopotamian civilization, the collapse of the Khmer Empire, and more recently, the collapse of the Viking culture in Greenland.

I guess the video is trying warn us about the perils of man-made global warming. But it falls far short of that goal, because remember, some of these collapses came during periods of COOLING, not warming.

Here a few of the excellent comments about this video:

“Here’s five examples of pre-industrial climate change. But this time climate change is totally man-made. You just have to trust us.”
– BattleSwarm

“All of these predate fossil fuel use. So what your saying is extreme climate change is a cyclical thing. Got it.”

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– Scott Paterno

“If this can happen naturally, then I’ll take my chances with fossil fuels! Greatest natural resource in our history, and we haven’t found a sustainable replacement yet.”
– Lucas Sorge

Thanks to the World Economic Forum for showing us that naturally occurring climate change destroyed civilizations. Fortunately, since there is no more naturally occurring climate change, beware of man-made climate change.”
– Mike Lyddon

So you’re saying it’s natural climate change that destroys the world? Or are you saying a Carbon tax would’ve saved the Mayans and Vikings?
– Jose Menendez

We need to correct the problem that destroyed the Viking civilizations of Greenland. I suggest we heat up the Earth some more, until the Greenland Ice…

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