Class and Denial in Grassroots America

Let’s get something straight…the Deep State (aka: the capitalist class) is global and multiracial. It’s not “white,” or even just American.

U.S. businesses cannot survive without Saudi oil; the Saudi elite cannot maintain their wealth, wars and authoritarian state without U.S. weapons and military assistance; the Israeli elite cannot keep up their Occupation and thriving arms exporting business without U.S. tax dollars; Japanese billionaires depend on the U.S. as a major trade and investment partner; Latin American right-wing authoritarian regimes need U.S. investors as much as those investors need an outlet for their billions; African business and political elite are begging for more U.S. trade and investment. And on and on.

The “diversity” among the global capitalist elite is vast, but there is one thing they all have in common: They need raw materials and a cheap work force to assure profits. That means they depend on war and exploitation for their very survival.

Capitalist elites may not all like one another or agree on every issue, but they know how to close ranks to protect their common interests when threatened. They don’t take their eyes off the prize, they think long-term, and they don’t get distracted by wedge issues. That’s how they’ve survived and thrived.

And the masses? There is one thing the masses in this global system have in common: They are all exploited either in war or business. Yet, unlike their rulers, they can’t seem…

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