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Former CIA officer Ray McGovern has been released by a court after being dragged out of Gina Haspel’s Senate confirmation hearing. He told RT the arrest caused him injury and that he had taken the hearing’s chairman “at his word.”

McGovern, a retired CIA analyst, walked free from a court in Washington DC, after being arrested by Capitol Police and charged with resisting detention and disrupting the Congress. Showing bruises on his hands which he said were inflicted during his arrest, he told RT: “I was shocked. This may be hard to believe, but I took the chairman at his word.”

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Aaron P. Bernstein

The 78 year old, who stood up in the hearing room on Wednesday and began asking his own questions, said he was first allowed by the chairman to “say it briefly and then leave.” Smiling, McGovern added: “Well, I said it.”

Moments after, the police intervened and began forcing him out of the room as he continued shouting his questions to the committee. Once the four officers dragged him into the hallway, they wrestled him to the ground, yelling “stop resisting” and “give me your arm!” An RT video shows McGovern lying on the floor, repeatedly saying: “My hand is dislocated.”

McGovern authors anti-war pieces, sharing his thoughts about the CIA and the nature of American espionage. Prior to the Senate’s confirmation hearing on Haspel, President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director, McGovern wrote an opinion piece arguing that torture is not only “flat wrong,” but fails to give accurate intelligence.  

“So how does President Donald Trump think he can get this nomination approved? It is a sad story,” his piece read. “Polling shows that most Americans, including Catholics, have been persuaded by Hollywood films and TV series, other media, and Trump himself that torture works.”

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