China condemns Australian “anti-China hysteria and paranoia”


China condemns Australian “anti-China hysteria and paranoia”

Peter Symonds

7 December 2017

The Chinese embassy in Canberra yesterday condemned in unusually blunt terms the xenophobic campaign underway against China’s interference in Australian politics. The remarks followed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement on Tuesday of sweeping new legislation expanding treason and espionage laws and outlawing foreign interference and political donations.

An embassy statement accused the Australian media of repeatedly fabricating stories about so-called Chinese influence and infiltration. “Those reports, which were made up out of thin air and filled with Cold War mentality and ideological bias, reflected typical anti-China hysteria and paranoia,” it said.

The statement declared that the media reports made “unjustifiable accusations against the Chinese government” and “unscrupulously vilified Chinese students as well as the Chinese community in Australia with racial prejudice.”

These comments followed those of a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman in Beijing on Tuesday who urged “the relevant people in Australia to discard prejudices and speak and act more in a way that will be conducive to boosting the China-Australia relationship.”

The strong reaction clearly reflects growing concern in Beijing about the hostile atmosphere being whipped up in Australia towards China as Canberra aligns itself more and more closely with the US confrontational stance towards China and its military build-up in Asia.

The laws foreshadowed by the Turnbull government have not yet been tabled in parliament, but they go far beyond existing legislation in Australia and other parts of the world. The coverage of the issue in the British and American media is an indication that…

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