Cameron warns of ‘humiliation’ after leaving EU

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has warned of abject “humiliation” for Britain if the country decides to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum later this week.

The premier made the claim in an article in the Sunday Telegraph, only four days ahead of the June 23 EU vote.

“If you’re not sure, don’t take the risk of leaving. If you don’t know, don’t go,” Cameron pleaded, further cautioning that the “existential choice” to leave the bloc would be irreversible.

“It would be a one-off and permanent diminution in our standing in the world; an abject and self-imposed humiliation for a proud and important country like ours,” he noted.

Cameron’s comments reheated the Brexit debate on both sides after a three-day break to mourn Labour MP Jo Cox who was killed in an attack on Thursday.

Cox, a 41-year-old mother-of-two who was also an outspoken “Remain” campaigner, was stabbed and shot in the northern English village of Birstall, near Leeds.

In his article,…

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