Cameron under fire over Zac Goldsmith ‘disgusting’ campaign

British Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire over Zac Goldsmith’s London mayoral campaign, after the leader of Muslim Conservatives denounced it as a “disgusting” attempt to smear Sadiq Khan – the Labour Party’s winning candidate.

Mohammed Amin, chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum, said the Tories’ campaign, which centered on casting Sadiq Khan as an extremist, had “imperiled” Cameron’s efforts to refurbish the Tory brand among Muslims.

In a scathing article on the Conservative Home website, Amin wrote the “risible” campaign had “probably increased our risks of suffering terrorism.”

“I was disgusted (I considered milder words, but decided to be frank) with the tone of his campaign and his repeated and risible attempts to smear Sadiq Khan,” he said of Goldsmith – the Conservative Party’s candidate.

Khan was sworn in as London’s first Muslim mayor on Saturday after a fierce battle with Goldsmith. “I’m so proud…

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