Cameron must quit over Brexit lies, say UK MPs

British Parliament members of the ruling Conservative Party say they have lost their confidence in Prime Minister David Cameron, calling on him to quit over what they call Brexit lies.

The MPs called for a general election to be held before Christmas, further fueling the Brexit debate less than a month before a crucial referendum decides Britain’s future in the European Union (EU).

Tory MPs Andrew Bridgen and Nadine Dorries said Sunday that Cameron had effectively lost his parliamentary support after resorting to “lies” and “outrageous” claims in his bid to persuade British voters to back remaining in the EU during the June 23 vote.

“The party is fairly fractured, straight down the middle and I don’t know which character could possibly pull it back together going forward for an effective government. I honestly think we probably need to go for a general election before Christmas and get a new mandate from the people,” Bridgen said.


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