Cameron hits back at ‘mad’ idea of UK exit from EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron has hit out at ‘Brexiters’ who grilled him during a live TV debate on the future of the United Kingdom in the European Union.

The debate aired by Sky News shows Cameron criticizing UK’s possible exit from the EU as an act of “economic self-harm.”

Audience in the debate, however, slammed Cameron, accusing him of scaremongering over the impact of quitting the 28-nation bloc.

On thorny issues such as immigration, Cameron said a Brexit was not the solution.

“There are good ways of controlling migration and there are bad ways,” Cameron said.

On economy, he lashed out at critics of Britain’s continued membership in the EU, saying, “It would be madness to try to do that by trashing our economy and pulling out of the single market.”

Cameron conceded, however, that he often found dealings with the EU frustrating.

“Sometimes this organization drives me crazy,” he said. “But do I sit there thinking Britain would be better…

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