Cameron desperate to get ‘Remainers’ on board: Analyst

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s opposition to Turkey joining the European Union  is a desperate move to get the “Remainers” — those who want to remain in the EU — on board, according to a British journalist political commentator.

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday, after Cameron said on Sunday that he doubts Turkey will ever be able to join the EU, saying that the UK “has a veto on another country joining.”

“Turkey joining the EU is not remotely on the cards. At the current rate of progress it would be decades, literally decades, before this even had a prospect of happening. And even at that stage, we would be able to say no,” he said.

Kara-Mustapha said, “It seems that David Cameron has been increasingly desperate to get the ‘Remainers’ on board, because obviously this is a career-breaking moment for him.”

“And the prospect for many Britons to see a Muslim majority country join the…

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