Cameron changes tone on Khan, hails him as ‘proud Brit’

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has called London Mayor Sadiq Khan “a proud Muslim” and “a proud Brit,” taking an apparent U-turn after accusing the mayor of having links with extremists.

During the mayoral race, Cameron said Khan had a “poor judgment” and was linked with terror “sympathizers.” Khan responded by accusing the premier of using a racial card.

Cameron’s change of tone came only a day after Khan announced his intention to share a platform with the prime minister in opposing the so-called Brexit option in the run-up to the crucial June 23 referendum that will decide the country’s future in the European Union (EU).

The pair appeared to have buried the hatchet as they took the stage at a Remain campaign event in London on Monday– called “Britain Stronger in Europe.”

Cameron congratulated Khan on his mayoral victory, telling the crowd, “I’m proud to be here with the mayor of London – with the Labour mayor of London -…

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