Cameron calls for unity against hatred after Jo Cox murder

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for unity against hatred as MPs and peers gathered in the Parliament to pay tribute to Labour MP Jo Cox who was killed in her constituency in northern England.

Cameron urged MPs on Monday to join forces against “the hatred that killed her today, and for ever more”. The parliament was in recess because of the upcoming EU referendum but the lawmakers were recalled to remember Cox.

The 41-year-old opposition MP was killed last week in her district in West Yorkshire by a man who shouted “Britain first, keep Britain independent”, and “Britain always comes first, this is for Britain.”

On her vacant seat in House of Commons, a white rose, representing her Yorkshire home, was laid as well as a red rose to represent her party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also expressed his grief over the murder of Cox, saying her death was “an attack on democracy and our whole country has been shocked and saddened by it……

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