Cameron: Brexit could put at risk state pensions

British Prime Minister David Cameron says Brexit could put at risk state pensions, a new warning by the premier to dissuade Britons from voting to leave the European Union.

Cameron made the comments in an exclusive interview with the Observer just 12 days before Britons vote in a referendum on whether to remain in the 28-member bloc.

He said Brexit would negatively affect the so-called “triple lock” which guarantees annual increases in state pensions, spending on the National Health Service (NHS), free TV licenses and bus passes for pensioners, as well as the military budget.

“You would have to start cutting things that people really value, whether it is the money going to the NHS or whether it is support for our pension system, and that could mean reviewing the triple lock,” the prime minister said.

Cameron said he really intended to honor a commitment to raise NHS spending by £10 billion by 2020, but noted, “If we leave, independent and…

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