BSO Cops Stood Down During the Stoneman Douglas Shooting…But Why?

It was previously reported that a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School failed to stop Nikolas Cruz’s rampage.

Recently, a reporter based in Miami, Jim DeFede, discovered that three additional BSO deputies waited in the parking lot during the shooting. To make things worse, when officers from Coral Springs arrived, they were told by the BSO deputies to wait.

Thankfully, the Coral Springs officers ignored them and entered the school to stop Cruz.

So this means that:

  • The FBI was warned that Nikolas Cruz was a threat to life but did nothing.
  • The Broward Sheriff’s Office knew that Nikolas Cruz was murdering students but did nothing.
  • Shortly after the shooting, students with elite connections – including to Congressmen and the FBI – became celebrities and created an anti-gun movement.

It’s all so strange, isn’t it? In light of such strangeness, one can’t help but wonder why both the police and the FBI allowed this shooting to occur. 


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