British Navy evacuated Manchester bomber Salman Abedi from Libya in 2014


British Navy evacuated Manchester bomber Salman Abedi from Libya in 2014

Robert Stevens

2 August 2018

The Daily Mail has published further damning evidence that Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber who killed 22 people and injured many more in Manchester Arena in May last year, was protected as a British intelligence asset before committing his heinous act.

In articles published Tuesday and Wednesday, it revealed that Abedi and his brother received British government assistance and fled Libya onboard a Royal Navy vessel, HMS Enterprise, in August 2014, less than three years before Abedi bombed the Arena. “The Royal Navy was tasked with picking them up, along with other British nationals, on a list provided to sailors,” the Mail wrote.

Abedi’s presence aboard the ship was known to the highest levels of the British state. Then-Prime Minister David Cameron was personally informed.

This information has been hidden from the public, including the families of those Abedi killed and maimed, for over a year.

Abedi was rescued with 110 other British citizens, escorted to the Mediterranean island of Malta, and finally flown back to Manchester where he lived. Among those allowed on HMS Enterprise was Abedi’s brother, Hashem—who is currently in Libya and suspected of participating in the planning of the Arena bombing.

These revelations leave no doubt that Abedi and his circle were given a free hand to do whatever they wanted. They could travel unhindered between the UK and Libya because they were part of an Islamist terror network cultivated by British intelligence services and successive governments, as part of their regime-change operations in Libya and Syria.

The Mail articles repeat the official government narrative that although Abedi had been a Suspect of Interest…

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