Britain must pay Brexit fees: Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pointed out Great Britain has legal obligation to settle its due to the European Union to cover exit fees from the bloc.

Merkel insisted that referring to the costs resulting from Britain’s exit from the EU, also known as Brexit,  as a “fine” is “misleading” Brexit.

“This is about obligations that Great Britain has entered into, and that naturally must remain on the books,” Merkel said in her weekly podcast published Saturday, Bloomberg reported.

Merkel’s remarks come ahead of a scheduled third round of Brexit negotiations next week.

EU officials have been complaining that the British side has been weaseling out of its obligations, failing to address three key points in previous Brexit talks.

The three main points highlighted by Brussels negotiators include: EU citizen rights, Northern Ireland’s border and the divorce bill.

The second round of talks at the EU headquarters had ended with…

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