Brexit to pose 'profound' challenges to UK: Lords

Britain’s exit from the European Union will have “profound and unpredictable” consequences for the country, a House of Lords panel has warned.

“Brexit’s impact on the future of the United Kingdom will be profound and unpredictable. At the moment, the internal politics are pretty toxic,” said Michael Jay, a member of the Lords EU committee and former head of the Diplomatic Service.

Last year’s referendum to leave the EU has highlighted tensions among four constituent nations of the UK. While England and Wales voted to leave the bloc, Scotland and Northern Ireland opted to remain.

Brexit has prompted fresh calls from Scottish nationalists for a second independence referendum, and members of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments have complained that Prime Minister Theresa May has not involved them enough in its Brexit negotiation preparations.

The House of Lords European Union Committee’s report said the future of the UK is at risk…

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