Brexit to cause temporary turmoil in UK: Expert

Britain’s exit from the European Union following the historic referendum on Thursday will temporarily cause turmoil, but the UK will eventually remain part of Europe, according to an American author and radio host.

“There will be a lot of storm and turmoil that will go on for weeks, maybe months, and in the end, Britain will stay in the EU,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Friday.

“The union will not be ruptured, things will stay as they are now because that’s what the powers want,” Lendman said.

“So despite everything being said and written now in reaction; it’ll be a while, but we’ll see that Britain will remain in the EU and nothing really will change and Britain will find a way of manipulating things and simply undermining the will of the voters and do what they wanted in the first place; leave everything the way it is,” he added.

On Thursday, the UK voted to leave the 28-member bloc in a historic referendum.

The UK vote has already…

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