Brazen woman accused of selling drugs in courtroom right before her court appearance — RT US News

A Kentucky woman hauled before a judge for making a series of threats has been accused of using her court date as a chance to sell methamphetamine.

Telby Fields allegedly offered to provide three people with drugs while she was waiting for a judge to appear at her hearing in a Magoffin County courtroom. The 24-year old was appearing before the judge on July 2 charged with making threats, but has now seemingly landed herself in more trouble.

According to the Salyersville Independent, Fields was overheard by a security officer trying to sell people meth inside the courtroom. Magoffin County police officer Neil Adams was made aware of the alleged drug offers and followed Fields out of the courthouse, where she jumped into the back of a car occupied by two men.

One of the occupants, identified as Collin Tenhundfeld, attempted to evade police by running from the vehicle and diving 15 feet into a nearby creek, reported the Lexington Herald Leader.

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Tenhundfeld was later apprehended after being identified through pictures on a mobile he left behind at the scene. Both Fields and Tenhundfeld have been charged with trafficking a controlled substance, with the bizarre attempted escape landing Tenhundfeld with additional counts of second-degree evading police and resisting arrest. Meanwhile, Cole Gaylord, another passenger in the car, also faces drug-dealing charges.

All three are being detained at Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in Paintsville, Kentucky. has contacted Magoffin County Sheriff’s Department for further comment.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.