Bomber Bernie Sets Sights on 2020

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

“Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously…They suggested I’d be friendly with Middle East terrorist organizations, and even tried to link me to a dead communist dictator”

—Alive Imperialist Collaborator Bernie Sanders, expressing his solidarity with the international working class.

Colonel Bernard Sanders has long despised by the powers that be for his “different” ways. The rich surely despise him because he is a Jewish person talking about economics. But their conscious hatred of the Colonel mostly has to with his consistent and largely successful efforts to keep track of the least of us here in America. Differences between the consistent Sanders and the lurching rightward corporate duopoly have only become more evident. Bernie remained serious while the popular class got more and more frivolous, ridiculous and out of touch. Bernie only became grumpier, but stayed just as determined. Many tried to give him the boot, but he had his fringe of weirdo lefties in Vermont, and they kept him around, seemingly as a fringe group.

Bernie, after many years of being sidelined, thought, what the heck, I have little to lose, let’s run for President. This was necessary, and just by itself, very courageous, as the Democratic Party agreed as a unit to rig the 2016 race for establishment third way Wall St. Hawk Hillary Clinton. To the surprise and horror of the establishment,…

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